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        Ningbo in the Shenlong Group set up in April 1992, is a collection and trade as one of the private enterprises, the company has been since the founding of the 500 rated one of the largest private enterprises, private enterprises in Zhejiang Park'n Shop, advanced Ningbo City and private enterprises, private enterprises in Ningbo City 30 strong, TripleA credit ratings, with the contract and trustworthy units. After nearly ten years of hard work, enterprise to rise rapidly, has set up rolling, trade, such
as more than 10 enterprises. Become one of the strength of the advanced management of the Group of economic entities, like mosaics in the East China Sea coast of a shining pearl.
        The company covers an area of more than 100 mu, headquartered in Cixi City Yongsan industrial zone, on 329 State Road, traffic is very convenient. Registered capital of nearly 50 million yuan, the amount of existing fixed assets. Highquality steel production capacity of over 20 million tons. Founded present, are not satisfied with the status quo and actively relying on science and technology. 55 million yuan investment in the new continuous rolling of the assembly line with the current domestic advanced technology and advanced equipment rolling, producing 150,000 tons of quality steel. Not only improve the content of enterprise technology, and greatly reduce the cost of production, so that enterprises in market competition invincible. In the development of enterprises in the future, will continue to develop new products to explore new Shangluo, adapt to the different needs of the domestic and foreign customers. In the company's blueprint for the planning, collection, "Branch, workers, trade" as one of the large multinational groups in the future development goals. After the steel and plans to vigorously develop industrial wood products and deep processing, so the standard parts, machinery parts, nails, wire, and so vertical product development, and raise the added value of products, will be products to the international market. Experienced various ups and downs, and through the twists and turns of the Clause way, we firmly believe that "all brilliant and bright prospects for the future are always head." Believe "in science and technology as the driving force, and personnel and development, and to the quality of market to market-oriented "decision-making under the guidance of a new head of the group will appear in the waves of the market economy, in order to supply domestic and international customers the best products and provide the best service.







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