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To actively apply for the title of Zhejiang Famous Brand
Browse4851   Published Date2009/8/22
        Our company was founded in 1993, after ten years of development, has become the larger corporate entity, consists of rolling, trade, chemicals, steel and other subsidiaries.

        My company has been operating in accordance with law, is committed to technological innovation, improve product quality. Our advanced production lines, using domestic and foreign advanced technology and fully automatic rolling equipment sales on the rise.

        2007, our company sales in the domestic market has been more than 380 million, and for three consecutive years of sales were more than 300 million. Now my company's sales market has basically covered the whole province, and has a high market share and visibility in 1999, has become the country's top 500 private enterprises in Zhejiang hundred private enterprises, Ningbo, 30-strong private sector.

       My company has been committed to the construction of credibility to the market to provide better products, better service, contribute to the community, and constantly enhance their credibility, enhance corporate image, the company has received a consistent "corporate credit rating 3 A", "keep the contract, the contract AA-level units "and other honorary titles.
        My company has a trademark sound internal management institutions, and already familiar with and master the "Trademark Law" and other laws and regulations, knowledge of the law focus on the use, management and protection of trademark rights. And continuously improve our company and complete use of the trademark, printing, management and archives system, the production of goods, services, implementation of standardized management, perfect and effective quality management system.
       Therefore, our company has to actively apply for the title of Zhejiang famous brand ready, ready to accept higher-level supervision and inspection.
       In the subsequent course of development, our company will continue to absorb the outstanding culture of nutrients, increase employee skill level and quality level, according to management, continuous innovation, production and transfer more customer satisfaction, and assured products.
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