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Cixi, Ningbo enterprises among the hundred Heroes
Browse5465   Published Date2009/8/22
         August 21, Ningbo City Business Association, Ningbo City Entrepreneurs Association in accordance with their business in 2005 sales revenue (or operating income), and expel the new corporate hero Ningbo hundred seating, the city a total of 16 private enterprises This new list Finalist list that ranks the number of enterprises, Ningbo, counties (cities, districts) second place.
      Chart in the city enterprises, Cixi Import and Export Corporation's sales of 5,000,245,900 yuan from 2004 to last year's 5,952,918,800 yuan, Rong ranked 13 honors, the first city businesses of all chart and became the sole chart a hundred companies in 2005 Business in Our City, Zhejiang Province, will dash the new Chinese 500. Zhenbang, Kanawa, and Societe Generale these three established businesses to continue in the top 50, points out the first 36-bit, 40-bit and 48-bit. Societe Generale Copperbelt companies rely on high-tech and independent research and development, Pioneer Electric, HCH to expand production capacity through technical transformation in the ranking order in the hundred were higher.
      As a main feature of the city's industry, consumer electronics and chemical fiber industry is the largest city into the table two hundred industries, including household appliances industry, occupied six seats, Wellcome, Zhuo Li, Wang 1, Pioneer, Kaifeng, Kai-Bo and other home appliances were short-listed enterprises continue to account for Cixi hundred finalists for nearly one-third of the total, indicating a "Cixi appliances" as the Chinese origin of the power of the three major home appliances. In addition, the chemical fiber industry expanded rapidly in recent years, making the city a Zhenbang, Kanawa, and three companies ZhuoCheng chart.
      It is worth mentioning that by the Ningbo City Enterprises Association hundred companies submitted sort of analysis shows, the city there are three private enterprises to enter three individual top 10 rankings, including 7.49 million yuan Cixi Import and Export Corporation to line 100 Strong sales of businesses per capita income of the first nine, Pioneer Electric Group 123.51% hundred corporate earnings growth in the first column 3, HCH to 94.26% net profit growth of listed companies hundred 10th.
       Threshold for the current hundred short-listed companies from 232 million yuan to 4.25 billion yuan, the city has two hundred companies included in the sort of new, they were out ZhuoCheng 59-bit and 81-bit Fiber Ciji Group However, the last chart of the square is too kitchen Haitong food, pairs of sheep Group, Nike technology, china international electrical appliances, QiDi appliances, and Sen pipe, big hair fiber, Xing Rui electronics, steel outlook, Shenma Group , Bei Shida Tools, CI Xin Group, Jinshuai group of 14 enterprises were unable to continue in this chart, showing the intensity of competition hundred companies.
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